College Transition

The College Transition Seminar addresses challenges students face transitioning from high school to college. This multimedia seminar is engaging, interactive, and challenges teenagers and parents to think deeply about four crucial questions to ask before starting or considering college:

1. What kind of person do I want to be?

2. Why am I going to college?

3. What do I believe?

4. With whom with I surround myself?

Designed to focus on the unique pressures and influences students face in higher education, this seminar and related support materials will help students and parents better understand and prepare to face these pressures and challenges from a distinctively Christian perspective. Hope and encouragement are offered to participants by challenging and equipping them to respond with solid and practical tools.

The seminar is composed of five sections (this can be adjusted given the venue and time). Each section includes video clips and “on the street” interviews of current college students commenting on the college transition and offering advice to incoming students. The theme of “story” runs through the entire presentation inviting students to consider how their story fits into God’s story.