Faith + Learning

Does God care about academics?

Is it possible to integrate faith and learning?

Can students take their faith into the classroom?

This seminar helps students answer “yes” to all of these questions. Some people may suggest that being faithful to Christ in academic pursuits is an outrageous idea (now that’s a good idea for a book title), a task for the stout and wise, for the uniquely gifted. We think every Christian student has been called by God to think faithfully about learning, and this seminar offers tools to help them in that task.

Derek Melleby has presented this material at Christian high schools, Christian colleges and campus fellowship groups, most recently at the following schools:

High Schools:

The Stony Brook School (Stony Brook, NY)

Delaware County Christian School (Newtown Square, PA)

The Geneva School (Winter Park, FL)

Whitinsville Christian School (Whitinsville, MA)

The Covenant School (Charlottesville, VA)

Pantego Christian Academy (Arlington, TX)

Holland Christian School (Holland, MI)

Colleges & Universities:

Malone University (Canton, OH)

Messiah College (Grantham, PA)

Kuyper College (Grand Rapids, MI)

Emmanuel College (Franklin Springs, GA)

Penn State University (Stage College, PA)

Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)