Identity Matters

Teenagers and young adults face many challenges to finding their identity in Christ. We are all tempted to find our identity in external things rather than in things that are internal and eternal. The “voice of culture” beckons us to find our identity in: what we buy; how we look; what we do; the friends we have. The “truth of God” reminds us that our identity is secure in Christ.

This seminar first explores the ways in which teenagers are challenged to find their identity and self worth in external things by getting them to take a closer look at what lies behind their choices in:

1. the products they buy, revealing how advertisers often try to sell a worldview and identity

2. the way they look (body image), exposing the lies behind images portrayed on magazine covers and billboards

3. what they can achieve, paying attention to how easy it is to find their value and worth in athletic performance, academic achievement, and extra curricular activities

4. the company they keep, helping them to make wise decisions in the people they surround themselves with (especially on the Internet!)

The second part of the seminar focuses on the spiritual disciplines and practices that nurture our identity in Christ. Life can be noisy. It is often very difficult to hear the voice of God. We need to be intentional about creating space in our lives to be reminded that we are children of God. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of discipleship, connecting their faith to everyday habits and practices.

This multi-media presentation is engaging and interactive, providing opportunities for small group discussion and quiet reflection.