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Spiritual Maturity and Adulthood

What Leads to Faith that Sticks?

YCTodayDerek Melleby featured on Youth Culture Today, a 60-second daily radio show from CPYU that helps equip adults to better understand and respond to the complex and rapidly changing world of their children and teens, all from a distinctively Christian perspective.

Derek discusses the key-findings from the “sticky faith” research from Fuller Youth Institute. Related blog: “What Makes Faith Stick?

Derek Melleby Discusses Sticky Faith in College

CTI Director, Derek Melleby, is interviewed by Derry Prenkert, pastor of student ministries at Nappanee Missionary Church (NMC) in Nappanee, Indiana. The interview, which begins at 15:08, was part of pastor Derry’s sermon entitled “The Exchange Lane.” Read more about Derek’s time in Nappanee and about NMC’s commitment to developing “sticky faith” in young people here.