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Why College Matters: Consider A Gift to CPYU


Have the resources provided by CPYU’s College Transition Initiative been helpful to you?

CPYU is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is funded by the generous, tax-deductible contributions of individuals, churches, businesses and philanthropic foundations. Please consider making a contribution toward the ongoing ministry of CPYU. Here’s why…

My good friend Sarah recently wrote a kind note of encouragement explaining why she and her husband, Dave, support this ministry:

“I have had several defining times where I have known, with great clarity, that God was working in my life. One of these key times occurred during my four years at college. While my choice in college had very little to do with what I thought God wanted, I ended up getting very ‘lucky.’ This was the time when my faith became real and where I wholeheartedly devoted my life to following Christ. It was during my time in college that God surrounded me with many amazing friends to encourage and challenge me in my walk with God. We learned together, we stumbled together, we laughed together, we cried together, we prayed together, we challenged one another and we all grew closer to God together.

Over eleven years later, these people are still some of my most trusted friends, my spiritual examples and my deepest encouragers. These friends and these moments from college are still defining my life and my faith today. Unfortunately, I have many friends who were not as ‘lucky,’ and who had a completely different college experience.

While there is never any guarantee, it is our hope and prayer that through this ministry, fewer students need to rely on ‘luck’ as they head into some of the most formative years of their adult life. The college years matter for the people we encounter and the experiences we have will shape us and our faith forever.

This is one of the many reasons why we feel so passionately about CPYU’s College Transition Initiative. The time in college matters for SO MUCH MORE than the degree that we receive in the end. This time matters for eternity.”

Thank you, Sarah. And thank you to all who make this ministry possible.


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