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5 Things to Communicate to Transitioning Students about Drinking

Drinking_slideshowThe Wall Street Journal reported on new statistics concerning college student drinking. It appears that the abuse of alcohol could be on the decline. According to the article in The Wall Street Journal: “About 37% of  college students engage in binge drinking, defined as consuming five or more drinks in a row during the preceding two weeks, according to 2009 data from a long-term study at the University of Michigan. That is down about 3% from 2008 levels, but still higher than high-school seniors and young adults who don’t attend college.” The colleges that have been able to curtail binge drinking on campus are those that are providing non-drinking, entertaining events for students. More and more students seem to be craving an alternative to “party scene.”

Many students that you know and love are planning to head off to college this fall. Some students may be nervous about the college cultural expectations to “go wild,” and have questions about how to resist the temptations that lie ahead. As you engage in conversations with college-bound students about drinking, here are five things to be sure to communicate…

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