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Faith & Technology: Following Jesus in a Digital World

logoThis evening CPYU president Walt Mueller and I will be speaking to a group of students and parents at the annual Engage Conference in Lebanon, PA. The conference brings together hundreds of youth and adults to think more deeply about faith and culture. It is a great event. Last year I spoke to the group about Identity Matters. This year Walt and I are teaming up to talk about faith and technology.

screensIt is a real honor to be a part of events like this one. It’s sometimes easy to decry America’s youth. The news and some research about teenagers can lead one to believe that youth are heading in the wrong direction. On this Monday night, however, hundreds of teens will gather, Bibles in hands, eager to learn and ask good questions. Kudos to the Lebanon Valley Youth Network for putting on this annual event.

Interestingly enough, this morning the Lancaster paper ran a story about young people and digital technology: “Young Eyes, Tired Eyes: Small Screens and Young Users are Combining to Create Vision Problems at Earlier Ages.” Issues like the ones addressed in this article are the kinds of  things we will be discussing tonight as we wrestle with two important questions together:

Does our technology control us or do we control our technology?

How do we use technology in a way that glorifies God?

I’m looking forward to a fun, challenging evening ahead!

Learn more about CPYU’s Digital Kids Initiative here.

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