Essay Contest Winners Announced

OwenEssay_2Thank you for all who participated in the CTI Essay Contest. We received over 125 essays from many different states and from different countries around the world. The winners have been notified. If you did not receive a notification, your essay was not one of the finalists.

Please know that each essay was read carefully and prayerfully by multiple people. It was not easy to pick the winners but it was inspiring to read your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to think more deeply about the next chapter of your life story.

The image is of an essay submitted by my co-worker’s son. His son is six years-old and doesn’t qualify for the contest, of course. But I think his words are helpful and true. Here’s what he wrote:

“Even though you have to listen to a lot of things at college, there is someway to follow him (Jesus) there.

Which is…

When you have been thinking about a question for 10 minutes, you could always pray for (not) the answer but for the courage to keep trying even if you are wrong.”

Well said. And Amen! (He’s six?!)

May you continue to walk with Jesus and courage into this next phase of life. Blessings on your journey!