Infographic: Students Unprepared for College?

During my recent visit to Olivet Nazarene University, I had a lunch conversation with the Counseling and Health Services staff. After explaining my work presenting College Transition Seminars for students and parents, I asked the counselors what they think I should be sure to communicate to students (and parents) before they head off to college. Right away, one of the counselors responded: “Tell them that college will be hard work!” She went on to explain that she has noticed a trend among the students she counsels: many of them were not prepared for the challenges of college academics.

That conversation was in the back of my mind when I came across the following infographic created by College@Home. College is hard work and this infographic reminds us that more can be done to prepare students for the transition.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Derek!

  2. Andrew Bailey says:

    I agree that High Schools are both too easy and too un-equipping. Their content is lacking, and they do not do a good job of education. They dumb down the material, and then make it a bit to easy, giving grades to people who don’t deserve them.

    I disagree, however, that we should completely blame high schools. Colleges tend to repeat many subjects anyways, simply because they know they can’t trust the high schools to educate students.

    I would add that testing is important, but parenting or mentoring is also an important aspect in college prep.


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