NEW Seminar on College Planning: October 12, 2013

College Choice - CTI HomepageFeeling unprepared for college? 

Learn how to plan for college with confidence!

Announcing a NEW seminar from CPYU’s College Transition Initiative…

What: The College Choice: Faith, Family & Finances

When: October 12, 2013 – 8:30am-12:00pm

Where: East Earl, PA (Shady Maple Banquet Center)

Why: Put faith first in college planning…

Higher education has faced sharp criticism recently. Many pundits and families are starting to question the value of a college degree. And for good reason. Did you know…

Nearly 50% of first-year students do not graduate within six years?

Student loan debt has exceeded $1 trillion?

Only one in seven high school seniors report feeling prepared to face the challenges of college life?

Now it’s more important than ever that families make wise decisions about college, particularly concerning where to go, what to study, and how to pay. Participants will gain…

A biblical vision for making the most of these formative years
A clearer understanding of the true cost and value of college
A wise approach to the college admission’s process

This seminar is for students, parents, youth workers, and educators looking for resources to make wise decisions about life after high school.


Derek Melleby, director of CPYU’s College Transition Initiative and author of Make College Count: A Faithful Guide to Life and Learning.

Terry Evearitt, certified college planner, College Funding Advisors, Inc.

Matt Reitnour, director of college counseling, Wesleyan Christian Academy, High Point, NC.

Cost: $15/individual $25/family

Mark your calendars. Seating is limited.

Click here to register!


  1. Soteria Allen says:

    (I posted this on Google Plus after watching a video on there of Derek addressing ‘Seniors’ about kids being prepared to transition to college. At first I thought it was speaking to Seniors, older people my age. Wish I had that preparation back in 1966!)
    Hi Derek! I’m 65yr, live in TX, and God is using me much with teens, tweens, even younger. Though I have the youthfulness that comes with having a love-filled, faith-filled life in a close walk with the Lord, I also identify with the term ‘Senior’ right away and have since I was 55 or so. I’m very impressed with this ministry God has guided you into, remembering back as to how unprepared I was for the big change that came with moving from my home with my parents & siblings in Phillipsburg, PA over to life at Penn State University.
    The biggest problem was that my family was pretty much unbelievers, and as an unbeliever myself, I was more likely to end up majoring in ‘Partying’ as I did, never having been told anything about Frat parties nor prepared for and warned about what would seem appealing and provide me with feeling liked and popular, but just get me in trouble. I only having had one drink before going to college and no interest in going wild while still living under my parents roof. Even before I became a Christian, looking back, I could see how much better it would have been if I had been prepared for the life I would encounter when I went away to school.
    I wasn’t prepared academically for such a change–much different than high school; I didn’t have any direction as to what I wanted to do, what to major in, but fit the description of what you just described in this video ‘going to college because it was the thing to do if you wanted to be anything in life’. And for me, it also meant having a better life than staying in Phillipsburg working in the cigar plant or other small factory. Even in 1966, though not a ‘feminist’ the values I grew up with led me to believe, even as a woman, without a college education and a career, I wouldn’t be worth much of anything. (So glad I’m a Christian and know my worth through knowing God, His LOVE for me, and how He values me! My parents loved me, but as you know, NOTHING can take the place of and bring the FULFILLMENT of knowing God!)
    I went away to college, and because of lack of knowing God and lack of purpose, and also so much partying instead of more serious studying, I flunked out in about 2 years. I moved away to ‘seek my fortune’ in the big city of Philadelphia. Not knowing God, that resulted in all kinds of problems. But the good news is during that time I got married, my husband & I returned to State College; and while he was a student at Penn State, I was selling life insurance in State College, and one of my prospects was a Penn Sate Campus Ministry leader, Pastor Paul Jessen of Lamb Fellowship, a Penn State Campus group given Penn State’s approval like Navigators, Campus Crusade and others. Then in June 1975 I learned about knowing Jesus personally from Pastor Paul Jessen, someone who seemed like he really knew God!! I never knew someone like that!
    But before I left my appointment with this campus pastor to try to sell him life insurance, though moved by his enthusiasm for God, I said “I think it’s fine for you, but not for me.” BUT Pastor Paul & his roommate started praying to for me, and within 2 weeks I did get saved!!
    My husband, who was a private pilot, mostly as a hobby as well as a Penn State student at that time, thought it would be good for us to take a little vacation over the 4th of July. There was an air show in the Hershey area he thought we would enjoy, and also, something he knew I wanted to do, go to the Mt Joy Airport to a skydiving training class and get to skydive. Well, I greatly wanted to skydive, but I was SCARED!! After the training class, as I went up in the plane, sitting up front, very scared but nevertheless wanting to skydive, looking into the sky, I just spontaneously (I now know the pastor I met was praying for me) called out to God, “God, come jump with me!” And at that moment my fear left! I was surprised! And Glad!! I did a perfect jump, and thought “I’m going to do that again”. So the next jump I did the same thing, and called out to God “God, Come jump with me!” No fear, and another great jump—with Jesus!!
    That was July 4th,1975, which was my Independence Day, as I came to understand about salvation as I grew in the Lord, when I got back with the Penn State pastor I met a few weeks before and started going to the Lamb Fellowship Church on the Penn State Campus. I was discipled by them, including getting my mind renewed on the Word of God. Hallelujah! (My husband, still an unbeliever then, left me within a year mostly because of problems before God was in my life; I’m trusting my prayers answered & he has since come to know God.).
    I’m a fulfilled single woman, married to Jesus, and as a Senior working with kids, I tuned into your video thinking it was speaking to older people, “Seniors”. I thought “How neat, addressing a group of Seniors about the kids!!” Then I realized it wasn’t us older seniors you were talking about. But, you might want to do something like that, if you don’t already have the olders involved in helping the tweens and teens, as well as their parents (although many missing or only a single parent overwhelmed with so much to do).
    And also, listening to what you were addressing in your video, I was wishing I had such teaching and advise, and mentoring for preparation for college back in 1966. I recognized the same needs you were addressing!
    Seeing the name of your ministry, I realize you may well already have the older kind of seniors involved in helping the kids grow in the Lord instead of falling away at any time in their lives. I know you may have seniors join in helping kids of all ages know we have a purpose in this world as Christians which is to influence people regarding the TRUTH of Gospel, Jesus, the Bible, impact of Christianity throughout the world, etc., being LIGHT and SALT in every area of life.
    But if not, you might want to invite the older Christians into more involvement with the kids, knowing Christian Seniors usually have more free time available than the younger ones, and I believe, it will be a great blessing to them too! I know I am VERY BLESSED through my pouring into the kids at church, in my apartment complex, online, wherever I find them! I’m blessed because it’s ‘God in me’!
    I believe God is leading us all in being a part of “let the older, of all ages, help, including mentoring, the younger.” (Titus 2:3; also, Paul mentoring Timothy; and more)
    A great need, and also, great joy for all involved!!
    I’m so glad to learn of your site!

    With Jesus’ Compassion 4 America! (& the world!),
    Love, Soteria (& Jesus!!)

    My Blog:


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