One Life: Gap Year Program Interview

onelife logoOneLife is a new gap year program located in Dunbar, Wisconsin. The program’s motto: “Getting distracted lives fixated on one reason to live.” What follows is an interview with the program’s founder Peter Sullivan (for more information, please visit the OneLife website):

What is the mission of your program?

The mission of OneLife is to build a strong foundation in the lives of today’s youth, educating and engaging them to live as next-generation leaders completely surrendered to God for His Glory. By providing an intense discipleship culture in which students interact constantly with professors, staff members, and mentors in a relationship-oriented environment, OneLife seeks to instill in our students a life-long passion for the Gospel in all areas of life.

How many students participate?

16 students participate in this program annually.

What are the basic elements of your program?

The basic elements of OneLife consist of various block classes including Christian worldview, discipleship, financial stewardship, time management, and basic apologetics. These practical classes will be put into practice through various outreach and travel opportunities.

Why are you passionate about your work?

My passion for young people began about seven years ago when I went on a missions trip with my two daughters. We went to minister to the inner city kids of Jackson, Mississippi and I came away amazed at how the kids and I were ministered to as well. The ideas of letting go of ourselves, serving, and being in a tight community with a small group of people opened up our hearts and minds to something more than ourselves and our own little worlds. I came away with a passion to emulate this experience on a heightened level to next generation leaders. This passion has grown since that time as my wife and I have recently walked through the college-age years with 3 of our 5 children. We have seen firsthand areas that need to be fine-tuned and emphasized because of the insipid nature of our culture; areas that were important for our children to be grounded in before moving on to the next phase of their lives. These firsthand experiences have fueled my passion for educating the next generation.

What do you tell parents who might be reluctant to have their child take a “year off” before going to college?

It’s not the destination (major) that determines the outcome, it’s the vessel (person.)

Why do you think most students are attracted to your program?

This generation of students are searching for purpose in their lives. The OneLife program provides community, purpose, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences without having to sacrifice a year of college credits.

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