Top 5 Research + News Posts of 2013

top5_NewsThe “Research + News” section is one of my favorite features of this website. There you will find news articles, archives and links to important research pertaining to emerging faith and college transition. It allows me to get interesting information out to you quickly, without having to do a full blog post about it.

My hope is that students, parents, and church leaders would find this section helpful (especially the “view by topic” list) when doing research on a specific area of interest. It also provides a space to alert you to new research or noteworthy upcoming events.

Here are the top 5 “Research + News” posts of 2013:

1. What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Freshman Year (USA Today)

2. The Real Reason College Grads Can’t Get Hired? (Time Magazine)

3. 5 Reasons Millennials Stay Connected to Church (Barna Group)

4. Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2017 (Beloit College)

5. Poll: Parents And Teens Share (Unrealistic) Dreams About College (National Journal)