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Can You Doubt Too Much?

OrtbergFuller Youth Institute (FYI) features an interview with Pastor John Ortberg concerning the place of doubt within the life of faith. The article is part of a series celebrating the release of FYI’s newest Sticky Faith curriculum resource, Can I Ask That?

From the interview by coauthor Jim Candy with Ortberg:

JIM: Ok, first question. Why are doubt and questioning important to faith development?  

JOHN: Doubt and questioning are critical to faith development because young people need to make the faith their own. They can’t simply inherit or adopt it from their parents or other family members. It’s very important for churches to understand that faith cannot be conjured up by an act of the will. A young person’s sense of certainty about faith is a result of studying, learning and pondering. It’s not something that happens just by direct effort.

Read the entire interview here.

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