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Facing A Broken Mental Health System, Many U.S. Teens Fall Off A Dangerous ‘Cliff’ In Their Care

An 18th birthday is what some mental health providers know, anecdotally, as “the cliff,” the cutoff at which teens with mental health conditions are flung into adulthood, often without any preparation for the challenges to care ahead. Read the article here.

Depression Is No Longer the #1 Mental-Health Concern Among College Students

According to a study by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State, anxiety is now the #1 mental health diagnosis on college campuses.

Read the article here.

Many Students Seeking Counselors at the Start of the Academic Year

Inside Higher Ed reports on a new trend on college campuses. More students each year are seeking counseling service at the start of the fall semester. From the article:

“But as September gets under way, many center directors say they’re seeing an even greater surge of walk-ins and appointments being made at the start of the academic year, with students making contact with counselors before they even leave for campus.”

Read the full report here.