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Mis-Educating The Young

In this article for the New York Times, David Brooks says, “People in their 20s seem to be compelled to bounce around more, popping up here and there, quantumlike, with different jobs, living arrangements and partners while hoping that all these diverse experiences magically add up to something.”

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Trends Redefining Information Age

BU-102213-articleBarna Group report uncovers 3 trends that are redefining the information age.

1. People feel modern life is accelerating and becoming more complex.

2. People want to be culturally informed, but they are becoming accustomed to skimming content.

3. People are moving beyond mere facts and information, and are looking for holistic integration of faith and life.

David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group explains:

“There are two major forces going on here: Every year people have less time and every year they have more content being thrown at them. This is forcing them to develop the habit of skimming in response to information and content. We are becoming a nation of ‘info grazers.’ For content producers—whether publishers, writers, pastors, teachers, journalists, filmmakers and so on—this means the information age is becoming the distraction age. Consumers are easily distracted and overwhelmed by having to sift through the clutter every day. This feature of modern life is exponential with the rise of digitized information.”

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