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How Do We Teach a Generation How to Love?

LoveActuallyThe New York Times op-ed by college professor Andrew Reiner raises important questions concerning how to teach Generation Y the basics of a strong relationship. From the article Love, Actually:

“So, the question that has never needed asking before now looms large: How do we teach a generation how to love?…

Perhaps this is where college classrooms can step in. For this résumé-driven generation, schools would do well to add a grade-based seminar about love. The course could cross many academic disciplines: the biology of intimacy; the multicultural history of courtship; the psychology and sociology of vulnerability.

Such a proposal may sound far-fetched. But this is an opportunity for colleges to walk the talk of their marketing messages, which tout developing not just the minds of students but the whole person. It’s time for students to feel the love.”

Read the full article here.

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