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11 Books Every Christian In College Should Read

So … what are the best Christian books for college students? Read the article here.

How Is Digital Text Affecting Student Comprehension?

Researchers found that digital reading was faster but less effective as a tool for helping students process and learn information. Read more from the Growing Leaders’ blog post here.

5 Books More Christian High Schoolers Should Read

Christian classical school teacher Matthew Farrelly chooses five books more Christian high schoolers should be encouraged to read for Christianity Today. Read the list here.

Textbook Trends: How U.S. College Students Source Course Materials

More than two-thirds (69%) of total expenditure on course textbooks continues to go towards print materials, according to data from Nielsen’s U.S. Student Attitudes Towards Content in Higher Education report. Read the article here.

What the College Kids Are Reading

Many colleges assign required reading for incoming freshman. What kinds of titles are on this year’s list?

Read the article here.

The Average College Freshman Reads at 7th Grade Level

Most college textbooks and reading material written before 1970 require mature reading skills. Read the article here.

Trends Redefining Information Age

BU-102213-articleBarna Group report uncovers 3 trends that are redefining the information age.

1. People feel modern life is accelerating and becoming more complex.

2. People want to be culturally informed, but they are becoming accustomed to skimming content.

3. People are moving beyond mere facts and information, and are looking for holistic integration of faith and life.

David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group explains:

“There are two major forces going on here: Every year people have less time and every year they have more content being thrown at them. This is forcing them to develop the habit of skimming in response to information and content. We are becoming a nation of ‘info grazers.’ For content producers—whether publishers, writers, pastors, teachers, journalists, filmmakers and so on—this means the information age is becoming the distraction age. Consumers are easily distracted and overwhelmed by having to sift through the clutter every day. This feature of modern life is exponential with the rise of digitized information.”

Read the full report here.

Books At Home Equals Success At School?

Owning two of a certain object indicates your kids will do well in school. Can you guess what it is? This is the provocative title of a recent article in Core77 highlighting new research concerning child success in school in England. The answer: “It’s a bookcase. Specifically, two of them.” From the study on The Economics of International Differences in Educational Achievement: “Books at home are the single most important predictor of student performance in most countries.”

Read the report here.

Download the full study (.pdf) here.