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Out Of The Nest

Tips for Successfully Launching Your Kids into College. A blog post from Rhett Smith for Fuller Youth Institute. Read the blog here.

Connecting With College Students Over Break: They’re Bringing Home More Than Their Laundry

Stephen Argue writes this for a blog for Fuller Youth Institute:

“The child you said goodbye to in the fall isn’t the same one who’s coming home this summer. Beyond their laundry, they’re bringing home other things that you need to consider.”

Read the full post here.

Adolescence Is a Gift, But Extended Adolescence Is a Trap

Nebraska senator Ben Sasse wants parents to get serious about shepherding kids into responsible adulthood. Read the article from Christianity Today here.

‘Launch’ Plan Gets Your Grown Kids Off Your Couch

A plan for launching your grown children out on their own. Read the advice column here.

College Students’ Internet Addiction Has Mixed Effects On Families

On one hand, the Internet helps keep college students connected to their families when they are apart, but when they are together, their family complains about their excessive use of the Internet. Read the article here.

Most Students Expect Parents’ Financial Help After College

According to Upromise, more than 2/3 of students expect mom and dad to financially support them after college graduation. Read the article here.

The Culture of Adolescence

George Will writes the following in an opinion piece on

As Penn State historian Gary Cross says, adolescence is being redefined to extend well into the 20s, and the “clustering of rites of passage” into adulthood – marriage, childbearing, permanent employment – “has largely disappeared.”

Read the full article here.

Pregnant College Girls Should Not Have to Choose Between Child, Education

The Christian Post explores the issue of getting pregnant while in college. From the article:

“Becoming unexpectedly pregnant while in college can be a scary situation for most women, and many of these students have no idea about the resources available to them on their college campuses to help them stay in school and parent their children.”

Read the entire article here.

Home Alone? You Wish.: 10 Tips for Readjusting To Family Life Over Break

Some helpful tips for college students returning home over break. Read the tips here.

Poll: Parents and Teens Share (Unrealistic) Dreams About College

NatinalJournalThe National Journal reports on a Heartland Monitor poll revealing that “most (students and parents) still see a college degree as ticket to the middle class. But they’re unprepared for the cost.”

From the article:

“And how do families expect to pay for all of these four-year degrees? The answer may explain why so many students end up dropping out–or taking breaks from their college studies–because of financial concerns and difficulties. Sixty percent of parents and a full 78 percent of teenagers say they are counting on grants and scholarships to help finance the cost of college education. That is no doubt the encouraging message they’re hearing from well-meaning teachers and counselors who want to nurture college dreams. But with fewer than 40 percent of college students receiving Pell Grant money–and a far smaller number benefiting from merit-based scholarships–that leaves a families with tuition-and-board sticker shock.”

Read the full report here.