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Teens Turn To Trades To Turn A Dollar

Today’s trend-setting teens are ditching the debt load of a four-year college degree in favor of learning trades and earning technical degrees. Read the article here.

Why An Honors Student Wants To Skip College And Go To Trade School

As worries about student debt rise, states and businesses increasingly push faster, cheaper paths to the workplace; parents are stumped. Read the article here.

Help Teens Balance Jobs, College Apps During The Holidays

Parents can help high school seniors set boundaries with employers during the holidays so students have time for college applications. Read the article here.

Parents Still Urging Teens To Choose Traditional Subjects Even Though Newer Degrees Are More Likely To Lead To A Job

Parents across the UK continue to encourage their children to pick traditional degree subjects, according to new research by the University of Derby.

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Just 40% of College Graduates Think College Got Them Ready for a Career

In an online survey of 1,360 US college students in March and April of 2016, the education company McGraw-Hill and the analytics firm Hanover Research found that only four out of every 10 seniors graduating in the class of 2016 feel their college experience has helped them get ready for a career, and that figure is slightly lower for students across all years.

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When Millennials Go to Work

It’s graduation season, and that means millions of young Americans (Millennials) are being awarded degrees from colleges and universities across the nation, and are now heading into the workforce—many for the first time ever. But what are the unique expectations of this generation when it comes to work?

Read the research article from Barna here.

Must-Have Job Skills You Need to Start Building in College

Recruiters and employers say “soft skills” — nontechnical, interpersonal skills you can’t always learn in a classroom — are what will make you stand out at work.

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College Students Think They’re Ready for the Work Force, Employers Aren’t So Sure

A report from the Association of American Colleges and Universities highlights the discrepancy between students’ and employers’ views. Read the article here.

Should Everyone Go to College?

Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Isabel Sawhill and Stephanie Owen explain that not all college degrees and all college graduates are created equal: “It is important to compare the return on investment by other variables, such as choice of major and college selectivity, in order to better assess whether or not a four-year degree will significantly improve an individual’s future earnings.”

Read the policy brief here.

View an infographic here.

Download the full report (.pdf) here.


How Bad Is the Job Market For College Grads?

A self-described “definitive guide” published by The Atlantic takes a closer look at the job market for college grads. Journalist Jordan Weissmann writes, “So for the sake of clarity, consider this a guide to what we know — both good and bad — about the state of the job market for college grads.”

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