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Is The Big Standardized Test A Big Standardized Flop?

Since No Child Left Behind first rumbled onto the scene, the use of a Big Standardized Test to drive accountability and measure success has been a fundamental piece of education reform. But recently, some education reform stalwarts are beginning to express doubts. Read the article here.

Does the SAT or ACT Make a Difference in Graduation Rates?

standardized-testingAccording to a report by the National Association for College Admission and Counseling, there is “virtually no difference in graduation rates for students who submit or do not submit standardized test scores to colleges and universities.”

From the report:

“Does standardized testing produce valuable predictive results, or does it artificially truncate the pools of applicants who would succeed if they could be encouraged to apply?  At least based on this study, it is far more the latter.  In a wide variety of settings, non-submitters are out-performing their standardized testing.  Others may raise the more complex issues of test bias, but this study asks a much simpler and more direct question: if students have an option to have their admissions decisions made without test scores, how well do these students succeed, as measured by cumulative GPAs and graduation rates?”

Read the report here.

Download the full report (.pdf) here.