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The Pandemic’s High – And Largely Overlooked – Toll On ‘In-Betweeners’

The pandemic’s toll on the “In-Betweeners,” those on the cusp between Gen Z and millennials, has been significant — and largely overlooked. Read the article here.

Dear Youth Minister Of A COVID-19 Senior

Chelsea Kingston Erickson blogs about our graduating seniors for the Rooted Ministry blog. Read her helpful post to youth workers here.

Why Youth Stay In Church When They Grow Up

What is it that sets apart the kids who stay in the church? Read the article here.

Why Doubt Needs to Have a Place In Your Youth Ministry This Year

In studies from the Fuller Youth Institute, students who knew they had a safe place to share their struggles and questions tended to have stronger faith—both in high school and up to three years later—than those who lacked that safe community.

Read the blog here.

Helping Seniors Transition

Tony Akers blogs for Youth Specialties about some ways his church helps seniors transition well.

Read his post here.

Top 10 Ways Teenagers Want Adults to Connect with Them

Brad Griffin, Associate Director of the Fuller Youth Institute, reminds readers of the Search Institute’s Teen Voice research that asked teens what they think they need from adults.

Read the Top 10 list here.

Learn more about the Teen Voice research here.

What College Freshmen Need to Hear from their Youth Pastors

Fuller Youth Institute’s Sticky Faith Research reveals what students thought might have helped them the most transitioning from high school to college. Two of the most consistent responses: (1) students wished someone from their high school youth group would have contacted them after they had entered college and (2) students would have liked more practical training describing the college context and relevant issues they might face.

Read the entire article here.