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New Website for CPYU

CPYU has launched a new website. Check it out here.

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Changes with CPYU’s College Transition Initiative

onelife_logoDerek Melleby, director of CPYU’s College Transition Initiative (CTI), will be transitioning to a new position with OneLife, a gap year program based at Lancaster Bible College. Derek’s work with OneLife will begin on March 24, but the resources of CTI will continue.

From a letter from CPYU president Walt Mueller:

“This move is a sad one for the simple reason that Derek has not only served us with excellence in his position as director of CTI, but he is a trusted and close friend. I am grateful for Derek and his good work. We will miss him. This move is a good one as it is a perfect fit for Derek, his gifts, and his evolving passions to serve a targeted group of young people in an intensive learning environment.

It is clear that God has used Derek’s time here at CPYU to uniquely prepare him for his new role. It has been a joy to watch Derek develop and grow, and I am personally excited to see what God has in store for Derek as he uses his gifts and abilities in this new position.”

From a note from Derek Melleby:

“As for the future of the CTI, I am pleased to say that it will continue in some capacity. My position at OneLife begins at the end of this month. At that time I will move to associate staff with CPYU. I will still be able to update and provide resources through the website as well as receive and fulfill speaking requests as I am able.

Working at CPYU has been a blessing. I’m grateful for the many opportunities I was given to serve students and parents across the country.”

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A Jubilee Rumination from Byron Borger of Hearts & Minds

LforLoveofGodpicThe College Transition Initiatives’ good friend and favorite bookseller, Byron Borger, offers a very thoughtful reflection on the Jubilee Conference held in Pittsburgh, PA February 14-16. At the conclusion of his rumination, Byron highlights Learning for the Love of God, coauthored by CTI director Derek Melleby:

“There is no better book to get at this amazing aspect of responsible discipleship than the brand new Learning for the Love of God: A Students Guide to Academic Faithfulness by Dr. Donald Opitz and Derek Melleby. It is the newly revised and expanded edition of a Hearts & Minds favorite (previously known as The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulness). This brand new edition, with its new chapters and updates and appendices, was celebrated and premiered at Jubilee, too, and we couldn’t have been more earnest when I said that it may have been one of the most important books for students in the entire (huge) book display…

May Learning for the Love of God be used to invite students to take their faith into the classrooms and labs and study halls, to make their own connections between their deepest religious beliefs and their studies, and find, early on, a sense of God’s call upon their lives, even as they grow in this exciting period of life for them lived out on campuses across this land.

May it also be used by pastors and youth workers and parents and older siblings to help young adults grapple with finding a relevant and coherent faith in their college years.  May it stimulate, perhaps even among older adults, a fresh realization of the breadth of the Kingdom of God, the obligation to think faithfully, and the vision of vocation that circles around so many of the best books we promote here at the shop.”

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Why Are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservatives Care?

New book by sociologist Neil Gross explains how academic liberalism became a self-reproducing phenomenon, and why Americans on both the left and right should take notice. Why Are Professors Liberal and Why Do Conservatives Care? is available from Harvard University Press.

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