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Will Students Show Up For College In Fall 2020? Community Colleges Offer A Hint. It Isn’t Pretty

Ask a community college president about what school will look like in the fall and be prepared for an eye roll, lots of shrugging and even a baffled look or two. Read the article here.

13th Grade Offers Some Teens an Easier Transition to College

Teens can start college in a supportive environment when they stay for a fifth year of high school. Read the article here.

Extending Community College Would Help 20-Somethings Emerging Into Adulthood

Is 13 years of universal schooling enough when young people are taking longer than previous generations to grow up and engage in a fast-changing economy? Read the article here.

Economic Benefits of Attaining an Associate Degree

According to a study for the Community College Research Center (CCRC), for economic reasons, “more… students should complete their associate degree before transferring to a four-year institution to attempt a bachelor’s degree, as relatively few students who transfer early ever complete a bachelor’s degree and thus leave college with no credential.” The study was based on data from the North Carolina Community College System.

Read the abstract here.

Download the full report (.pdf) here.