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Tech Nudge: Proding Students Into and Through College

degreeAn article by Education Sector at American Institutes for Research explains the many ways that colleges use communication technology to “nudge” students through daily college activities and decisions. From the article:

“By giving students information-driven suggestions that lead to smarter actions, technology nudges are intended to tackle a range of problems surrounding the process by which students begin college and make their way to graduation… New approaches are certainly needed. Just 58 percent of full-time, first-time college students at four-year institutions complete a degree within six years. Among Hispanics, blacks, and students at two-year colleges, the figures are much worse. In all, more than 400,000 students drop out every year. At a time when post­secondary credentials are more important than ever, around 37 million Americans report their highest level of education as ‘some college, no degree.'”

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