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What Happened to Harvard?

HarvardIn an article for Q (ideas for the common good), authors Peter Greer and Christ Horst discuss the secular shift that has taken place at Harvard University since its “Christian” founding in 1636.

The authors suggest:

“Some might argue Harvard’s secularization is a healthy evolution. We believe the opposite. Like trading family heirlooms, Harvard has sold its most valuable assets…

The steady course Harvard has taken over the past few hundred years away from the values of its youth has meant the abandonment of many of the university’s most treasured contributions…

In a culture starving for selfless leaders, many of our universities are instead producing entitled graduates more concerned with country clubs and selfies than they are about solving the great problems plaguing our society. We need universities to recapture the soul of American education. Our country needs schools that value cultivating character and grit, not just academic prowess.”

Read the full article here.